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Fashions fade, style is eternal

Ask   23 years old and fortunate to call the central coast of California my home. I'm an Anthropology major and generally an all around geek. I have a slight obsession with anything Chanel or Marc Jacobs. Rachel Zoe, fashion wise, is my inspiration. I die for turquoise and anything bright, but my personal fashion is anything comfy and warm.

obsessions de mode: Fall 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Galaxy -Sole Struck

I know I’m not the first to lust over Litas, but in galaxy print?!?! These are just beyond! Any Lita I would rock though; They go with any outfit and come in every color and print you can think of. They’re a bit pricey, but for a “designer” shoe, they’re totally doable. 

Black Cross Body Studded Handbag- Windsor

Studs on black anything just scream hip. They’re edgy and versatile and totally fun! I just bought a pair of black studded boots, but I think that’s just the tip of the iceberg for me. Studded accessories are just perfection in my opinion. You can wear a totally girly outfit and bring it down with them, or an all black night out ensamble and they pump up the badass-ery of the outfit. Love love love!

Lush Twilight body wash, Limited Edition

This. Scent. Is. EVERYTHING. The purest lavandar scent you will ever experience, absolute heaven. It’s supposed to shimmer, but the glitter in mine is stuck to the bottom of the bottle (UK shipment to California..mow!) Sadly it’s limited edition, but it really gets you in the snuggly bedtime mood! Or a nice calming scent to being your day! 

Nars Nail Polish in Chinatown- Nordstrom

Deep red nail polish. Purple/wine nail polish. Doesn’t it just scream “THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!”..? I’ve always thought so. Every year I buy a new nail polish in this shade range to commemorate and get me in the holiday mood. This year I actually bought Wet N’ Wild - Haze of Love but it’s a little on the brownish side. Goes on great though!

Knitted Bow Headband - Etsy on Threebirdnest

I don’t do hair accessories..but I am willing to buy one of these and make it work! They are so cute and my ears always get totally functional too! There are so many different styles and colors, but a neutral or black bow style is really what I’m after. I actually looked for these during my Black Friday shopping but I couldn’t find anything! Anyone know where I could go into a store and find one? 

Silver stud earring on a chain ear cuff - eCRATER

I think that ear cuffs with chains really ride that line of tacky and cool, but it’s one of those things I throw caution to the wind and find myself day dreaming about. Simple ones like this are just the right amount of Ke$ha and an innocent cute to get away with as a 20-something. There are even ones that have a stud on both sides if you happen to have a cartilage piercing! The best part, you can find these anywhere right now so not only is there a huge variety, but also some super affordable options.

I’ve never done a seasonal review kind of thing, so let me know what you think! I already have some items in mind for Winter..eek! <3

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